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Thread: ArtRage for iOS 2.3 Released

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    ArtRage for iOS 2.3 Released

    Version 2.3 of ArtRage for iOS is now available and includes several important fixes and compatibility changes for iOS11.

    • iOS11 Files app support for ArtRage files. Note that the Gallery doesn’t allow drag/drop at this time as it maintains additional data related to files, but the Files app does list any files exported to iTunes/Files from inside ArtRage and can be used to import via the sharing system.
    • Drag / Drop Layer, Reference, and Tracing Image assignment from Files and other image applications that support drag. iOS level PTG file thumbnails and Quicklook support.
    • Updated sharing system on both iOS10 and 11 that allows import from any app that supports file sharing and export to any app or service on the device that can accept appropriate files from ArtRage including iCloud Drive. This fixes a problem that prevented the app interacting with Dropbox, Facebook, and Twitter after recent updates.

    Fixes & Tweaks:

    • Added wait indicators for longer import operations.
    • Added a Pressure slider to the ink pen.
    • Adjusted the Tool Settings panel so that it can scroll on smaller devices.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the precise colour picker from functioning correctly when Tint/Tone mode was active.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to slide up when editing the size of paintings in landscape mode on iPad devices that had a hardware keyboard attached – When the keyboard does not overlap the edit, it not longer slides out of the way.

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    Version 2.3.1 has been released to fix issues with exported PTG files preventing the update from installing on iOS11 and improve drag and drop compatibility.

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