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Thread: Didn't Recive Key Code

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    Didn't Recive Key Code

    I have just recently purchased ArtRage 5 and I have not received an email with my serial number in it. I have gotten one to register my account, but not one that allows me to place a device on my account. If anyone else has had a problem with emails taking a long time, or having not received them at all.

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    Sorry to hear that!

    Missing purchase emails are usually missing because either:

    - it went to your Paypal email instead (if you paid with Paypal)
    - you were sent two separate emails for Windows and macOS and overlooked the Windows one (which has the serial number).

    If it is neither of those things, and if you haven't already dropped an email to (I'm just working through the last of the weekend emails - we had a public holiday yesterday), then please contact us with your order details and we will look up your serial for you.

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