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Thread: Impressionist oils

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    Impressionist oils

    Hi all.

    I just came across this:

    Can someone tell me how on earth it is possible to create a painting such as "Undefined Impression" using ArtRage..?
    That is just beautiful!

    Thanks in advance for possible tips and tricks..


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    Have another read through the write up and you will see he builds his work digitally, prints it, and then paints over it.

    There are some amazing effects you can get with Artrage, but you must work hard at getting to know the tools and what they're capable of.

    I find challenging artworks on the internet, then problem solve and play with the tools to emulate them. You end up with a whole mental box full of possibilities to apply to your own work.

    I teach Artrage, and love setting my students projects like that as well. I see lots of weird and wonderful variations!

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