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Thread: Distribute oil paint equally

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    Distribute oil paint equally

    I'm playing around with glazing so I need my paint to be half-transparent, but with half-transparent oil brush when two strokes overlap (or even if a single stroke overlaps with itself - for example a back-and-forth stroke) the paint in that spot becomes thicker, making it less transparent . I want to have a large area of oil paint of consistent transparency, how do I go about that?

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    You won't be able to do that with the oil brush, but you can maybe do it with the following tools (these all let you set a specific opacity, or blend evenly):

    - Watercolor (InstaDry on)
    - Airbrush (turn Autoflow off, adjust Hardness and Opacity)
    - Gloop Pen
    - Ink Pen
    - Custom Brush (using 100% Grain Progression so the pattern covers the background evenly, rather than overlapping with each stroke)

    But only with the same stroke (as soon as you start a new stroke, it will overlap the previous one).

    You might find it easier to paint at much lower thinners on a separate layer and then reduce the opacity of that entire layer. The overlapping strokes won't be an issue if you have enough paint on the brush.

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    You could also use the palette knife to go over your strokes and smooth them out afterwards.

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    I recall AR user fashmir did a brief tutorial about Glazing in AR a long time back which may be of interest.
    You can find it here:
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