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Thread: Custom brush questions

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    Custom brush questions

    Quick newb questions:
    1) How do I make a custom brush for watercolor/pallette knife/any other tool
    2) I'd like the grain in my brush (not the head - grain) to rotate randomly at the beginning of a stroke to make every stroke different. Is that possible?


    Edit: no idea what this thing is but I just can't get rid of it

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    1) You can't. The natural media tools aren't dab based ('a series of repeated dabs') like the Custom Brush, they're 'simulation' brushes, so it calculates each bit of the stroke as you make it. This means you can't swap out individual bits very easily.

    2) Grain doesn't rotate on its own (this is something we'll look at in future updates), you can only set it to stay fixed, or rotate along with the head itself right now.

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