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Thread: Physical desktop setup for ArtRage. What do you use?

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    Physical desktop setup for ArtRage. What do you use?

    With a small desktop, my tablet, wireless keyboard and monitor are crowding each other out. What sort of desktop configuration works for you? Keyboard tray? Tablet on tray? Keyboard to side? Where does mouse go best? I'm trying to figure out a good configuration. Seems like ArtRage and other programs call for many keyboard shortcuts. How much use do you make of your programmable tablet keys? Does even an experienced user need constant access to actual keyboard keys?

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    I've got a keyboard tray/shelf under the main desk, and I move my keyboard there when drawing; I use the shortcuts pretty constantly! The monitor is raised up to eye level anyway, so it's out of the way, it's just a matter of easy access to the tablet and the keyboard (they both need to be right in front of me for easy use, so it's less a matter of space and more a matter of organisation).
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    Thanks for the reply Hannah. Now searching for nice tray. Live in Hawaii, been in Auckland...great city.

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