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Thread: Paint thickness preservation when exporting between psd

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    Paint thickness preservation when exporting between psd


    I often export an ArtRage file as a psd and then import into GIMP to tweak colours and then import the psd back into ArtRage again to continue working on it. However this seems to remove the paint thickness information on the layers (I'm assuming this is due to the psd format not including it), is there a workaround to somehow preserve this information?

    I tried the Export Layer to Channels option which generates a few .png files which represent various 3d aspects of the layer, can I use these files to import back in to ArtRage and somehow merge with layers to restore the original paint information?

    I have found a way to rewet a layer by applying a thick oil brush using white to a multiply layer and then merging down. This a solution of sorts but ideally I would want to preserve the original paint thickness information.

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    There isn't an easy way to do this. Less easy ways include what you are already doing, manually importing the various channels as one giant sticker (complicated, but the only feature that actually supports channels in any way), or keeping a copy of the original image as a PTG to preserve the data and importing the edited layers over the top.

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