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Thread: ArtRage 5 with Touch screen monitor - not all the drawing/painting tools work.

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    Jul 2017

    ArtRage 5 with Touch screen monitor - not all the drawing/painting tools work.

    I use Art Rage 5 on my MacBook Air laptop. It is connected to a 3rd party modified 21" monitor which has Projected Capacitive stylus input along with finger input, all single point touch.

    The touch screen monitor works properly with all of my MacBook applications - Safari, Mail, etc and for the most part it works with Art Rage 5. ............except it only works with 5 of the 14 standard tools: the roller, the pen, the tube, the ink pen and the gloop pen.

    Anyone have an idea why some tools don't work???

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Jul 2017
    Am desperate for any help on this! ANyone, anyone?

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    Hello donart and a belated welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Hmm… well I think the lack of response from the forum is because your issue is somewhat out of the ordinary!
    And I’m afraid I too have no solution for you
    As Apple don’t actually make any desktop touch computers I suspect the touchscreen may be relying on “fooling” the OS/ArtRage about what inputs are being made.

    I think you need to contact AR support directly to see if they can help. And give them more info about the touch screen and any drivers that it maybe using to communicate with the OS and ArtRage.
    Maker Of Replica Macoys

    Techie Stuff:
    ArtRage 5.0.5 ~ 15" Macbook Pro
    + 22" HD Monitor ~ macOS 10.12.6 ~ 4 Core i7 3.1GHz CPU ~ 16GB RAM ~ Wacom Intuos4 M and a Spyder4Pro (to keep the colours true!)

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    Thanks Mark.
    Yes it is a bit unusual but I wanted to make my art with my finger and stylus to get away from the art materials I have used in my studio over the years. I'm combining my art skills with my years in computer systems in the corporate world and see it as a brand new medium, WIth ArtRage I've recreated some of my original paintings and it is very difficult to tell the difference.
    Interestingly enough there are several companies out there that make Mac Compatible touch screen monitors, I bought this one from One World Touch - great customer service by the way, They take standard monitors and add projected capacitive touch to them. All sizes from desktop to the large ones you see on cable TV news. ANd it's cheaper by $1000 than a Wacom 22.
    When I received it I plugged my monitor into my MacBook Air via USB and HDMI cables and was off and running. No software driver needed. I use it for all my Mac applications - Mail, Safari, Pages, Photoshop etc and all functions work perfectly.
    And much of Art Rage functions with it, including about 5 of the tools. So its really strange that only some work. I was hoping someone here might have tried a similar setup. In any event I have sent a Tech Support request to Art Rage and am hoping I get a response soon.
    Thanks again for your input!

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    Auckland, NZ
    Offhand it sounds like the pressure might be the issue (those tools tend to show up well with little pressure input), but I'm not completely sure, or how to fix it if that's the case, but it might give you a place to start. I've answered your email as well and am discussing this with the programmers.

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