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Thread: My work keeps glitching

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    My work keeps glitching

    Windows 5.05.05 lite

    When I copy something sometimes it just glitches out.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There's supposed to be the rest of my comic on the left, but when it glitches, it gets covered in grey.

    It happened yesterday and today, and each time it happens I have to quit and redo my work.

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    Ok, that error when copying usually means the copied content is inaccessible for some reason. Does it matter where you are copying and pasting from?

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    No, sometimes it just glitches.

    I've just tried to redo it by copy/pasting each layer onto a new project, but it's glitched again, which means I'll have to fix the bug or find a different program.

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    Okay, that's pretty darn weird. So it doesn't matter if you copy from ArtRage to ArtRage or outside ArtRage (e.g. MSPaint) to ArtRage.

    Can you try rightclicking on ArtRage to open it and choosing 'run as admin'? Something may be interfering with its permissions access to the clipboard or other parts of the computer.

    If that doesn't help, email us at [email protected] so we can try and hunt down if this is a bug, or something odd about your computer or that painting file.

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