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Thread: Colour Picker tool doesn't work properly

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    Colour Picker tool doesn't work properly

    I'm using Windows 5.05.5 lite

    When I use the colour picker tool to reuse a colour, It gives me a different colour to what I picked. It chooses a slightly different colour, but when you colour it over the original colour it stands out. But when you drag click the colour picker over both of those colours, it knows they are different.

    What a weird bug.

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    When I save it removes colour from the outline, the colour picker tool doesn't work properly so I'm wasting time trying to find the right colour again. So I could just decide not to save but sometimes artrage closes for no reason.

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    For the first thing, can you open the Settings when you have the colour sampler selected and see if 'Lighting' is ticked? The lighting effect may change the colour you are selecting. For the second, I'm not sure what is going on there, ArtRage should not be doing anything to your work when you save. Can you post a screenshot showing what is happening?

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    I'm not sure this is applicable to AR lite, but under color picker tool settings, check the "expand area" value

    iirc, artrage 5 is released with default value of 50 by some reason, therefore it samples an average patch with a 50 pixel diameter, not a single pixel.

    I used to have this issue and thought it was a problem with the tool itself, but it's just a default value acting up.

    that, or the lighting picking up.

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    Thank you Hannah. Now it picks the correct colours.

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    Glad to hear it! The lighting can be tricky, sometimes you want the colour on the screen, sometimes you want the 'true' colour. You can also press F5 to toggle lighting on and off completely for a painting.

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