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Thread: Perspective Tool: Transfer all lines to layer?

  1. Question Perspective Tool: Transfer all lines to layer?

    Question, is there anyway to transfer all the perspective lines from the perspective tool to a layer? I know there is the snap to perspective option, but I'm looking more to instantly transfer all the perspective lines to a layer, not have just my drawn lines snap to the grid. I like to just lay out the points and lines and then draw what I need on top, just using the lines as a guide, but I use multiple set ups per page (draw comics), and it's easier to transfer it to a layer once than to keep having to re-load saved perspectives. At the moment I'm just going over each line with a pencil, but that can take a while. Any workarounds? I've tried fill, but the lines get too thick.

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    There isn't a quick way to turn a perspective set into paint right now, I would suggest the following:

    1. Create a perspective, set it to a nice strong black with high opacity.
    2. Take a screenshot on a pure white canvas (canvas lighting off, ideally).
    3. Import that screenshot as a guide layer.

    To hide the white, set the layer to 'multiply' or 'color' or use Edit > Filters > Remove Color Matte... to delete all the white areas.

  3. Thanks! That's a much quicker work around than what I was doing. Any chance we'll have an even faster option with future updates?

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    This, or something like it, is on the suggestions list. It is unlikely to show up in AR5, but the programmers will be taking a look for AR6 to see if it's something that can be added.

  5. Good to know, thanks!

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