Hello dear community
As I keep experiencing ArtRage 5 and start to grasp how much this software (so simple in apparence) has to offer, I found the right-click that leads to "Add to Toolbox"
Sound amazing to put all my favorites all together! But where's the Toolbox? How do I open it?

I found the page in the guide talking about this (https://www.artrage.com/manuals/gett...and-workbench/) but in there, the text makes me feel like "it should be right there", but it's not @[email protected]
I feel like asking a no-brainer question @[email protected] Where is Toolbox? How do I open it!? @[email protected]
And as I read that manual page, workbench seems amazingly handy too, but I can't find it either!? @[email protected]

A little help!?