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Thread: Impasto Oil Painting - how to change the light reflection angle?

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    Impasto Oil Painting - how to change the light reflection angle?

    I just love the analog feeling of painting in artrage- especially the "impasto oil"
    But is there any setting to change the light direction - for example when I want the light coming from right side
    This is important for me as I want to make animations with cam zoom out and direction changes
    Thank you! Julie

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    Hello Julie and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news on this your first post here, but sadly users currently can not make adjustments to the canvas lighting, other than Off or On.
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    Hello Julie:

    I have some good news though: you can export the painting to channels which includes a separate bump map, color, reflection, and specular intensity channels. These can be used to recreate your canvas in 3rd party animation/rendering software.


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    This doesn't help with impasto, which has a lot of internal lighting, but ArtRage 5's layer effects let you adjust the lighting direction, so you could use Emboss to customise the lighting around strokes on a layer.

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