Our town held the annual two-day spring show last weekend. You know the kind of things, animal judging, fairground, cooking, flower arranging, art, etc. Well, one of my grandaughters asked if she could exhibit on my behalf a portrait I had painted of her and would I like to enter paintings in other categories. I decided to enter a couple I already had on canvas - two paintings of animals - my cat Jasper and a semi realistic study of the head of a sheep.

As well as the usual categories for oil, acrylic, watercolour there was one for 'any medium' and another for 'Computer Graphics'. I entered my digital paintings, including the portrait of my grandaughter, in the 'any medium' category. My daughter delivered the canvases to the Show office fully expecting that there would be a discussion on the appropriate categories for them. I also thought they might be rejected because digital painting would probably not be that well known or received.

To my surprise, I was awarded two 2nd placings - one for the portrait and the other for the painting of the sheep's head. I didn't view the exhibits so I don't know what competition there was but I was very surprised and pleased to see that digital paintings found acceptance.