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Thread: 32000 pixel limit?

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    32000 pixel limit?

    I'm using Artrage 5 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I love using the Surface Pen with this program!

    My problem is I needed to increase a project to a working size at 18' width at 150 dpi. I tried to edit/Resize Painting/Print Size Tab, then change the width inches to 216 and dpi to 150, with the Preserve Aspect Ratio button checked. Everything looked good so I hit the OK button, but when I went back to check it, the width had decreased to 213.33 inches. The height was still ok, so it looks like Artrage changed my aspect ratio! I noticed before the OK button, the screen width said 32400 pixels, but afterwards, it changed to 32000, so it shrank my drawing with by 400 pixels. Not the height, just the width. I wish there was a dialog box that warned me it was going to do that.

    So now, unless there's another solution within Artrage, my fix will be to work with the drawing in Artrage at a lower dpi, then changing the dpi using another program.

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    Hello Piyo and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    That is a very large canvas!
    I think you will probably be pushing the limits of your system with it. You don’t say how high your canvas is, so to test I just opened AR and increased the default screen canvas to 216” @150ppi. That took my free memory down to 2.5GB+/- I could probably free up some more but still there won’t be much to play with.
    If you are going to be working this big I would suggest restarting your system and then only have AR open while you are painting.
    But some things are still going to lag as you work.

    Any way back to your problem.
    As far as I know, in theory with ArtRage5 there should be no limit to the size of canvas you can ask AR to make, if you have the computing power to throw at it. In Theory.
    However like you, I found I could not go above 32000px either?
    Interestingly, whether you had ‘Preserve Aspect Ratio’ checked or unchecked makes no difference with this problem as it just won’t go above 32000px.
    Tentatively, I would be inclined to say this is a bug perhaps. But really one of the developers would need to comment on this problem I think.

    One possible workaround might be to scale up your height until the width tops out. That would preserve the canvas ratio. And then tell the printer what physical size to actually print. Most canvases that big are going to be viewed from some distance and that small amount of up-scaling should go unnoticed.
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    That is the upper limit to the canvas, but very few devices would even be able to work with that comfortably, so we didn't really expect people to run into it very often! (Honestly, I'd forgotten there was a limit at all because nobody ever hits it). The fact it won't let you go over 32,000 might be something we can change in AR6/future updates, but I don't think you'll be able to draw very easily anyway above that.

    ArtRage 4.5 capped out at about 18,000 pixels, for comparison. ArtRage uses a lot more memory than Photoshop because it's doing a bunch of different things in the background, so it will never let you work as large as you can in Photoshop anyway. If you have trouble working at a very large size, you might want to try recording a script at a smaller size and playing it back, even if just for the 'fill in the background' stages. Other than that, you'll have to increase the size elsewhere.

    Also as markw says, you don't usually a need a very high DPI if you are printing out a very largescale canvas; people are going to be standing a foot or more back instead of viewing it up close the way they would with a greeting card or something.

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