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Thread: i want to save my file as something other than a ptg

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    i want to save my file as something other than a ptg

    How do i save my file as something other than a ptg file please?
    Im trying to upload the art i have saved to my computers desktop (which has saved as a ptg file) to a site that presents my art on one of their backdrops, however it won't upload as a ptg file.

    Perhaps it needs to be saved as a jpg but i don't know how?

    .... pretty please!

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    just use the "export" option under file menu instead of "save", you'll have jpeg, psd and maybe a couple more file formats available;
    jpeg output quality can be changed under artrage preferences.

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    As nekomata said, just go to File > Export... and then select JPG to upload to the internet (unless the site requests a different format). You need to save your paintings as PTG to retain the quality and paint data (layers, paint wetness, lighting, etc), which is why you just export a copy as a different format - if you accidentally saved your painting as a JPG, you would be very sad later!

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