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Thread: Simple Question: How do i literally clone a shape I've just drawn

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    Simple Question: How do i literally clone a shape I've just drawn

    Really simple question! I'm hoping for a simple answer. For example : i draw a triangle. I want to copy the triangle and be able to re-paste it numerous times. But how?! thank you x

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    Copy and paste! I'm assuming that you are using a desktop version of ArtRage here, if you aren't then the answers/steps will be different.

    The simplest option is just copy and paste.

    1. Choose the Selection tool (the dotted square in the inner ring of the tool picker) and select the triangle. Or press ctrl + A to select all paint on a layer, if you only have a triangle on that layer.
    2. Press ctrl + C (or go to Edit > Copy). Deselect the selection if you are finished (in the Settings or by pressing Ctrl + D)
    3. Press ctrl + V to paste the copied paint (or go to Edit > Paste) and then move the new image to wherever you want it. It will be on a new layer.
    4. Repeat step 3 as often as needed.


    If you only have a single triangle on a layer by itself, just duplicate the layer, then use the Transform tool to move the next layer to wherever you want.


    If you have ArtRage Lite, 4 or 5, you will have a Cloner tool on one of the inner rings of the tool picker (it's in a different spot in 5, just hover your cursor over the tools to see the name pop up). Pick this tool and you can literally 'clone' or repaint any area of paint.

    Select the Cloner, then click the 'original' paint to set the source (press ALT if you need to click again and change it). Then click elsewhere on the canvas and paint away.

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    Sorted, thank you

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