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Thread: Art Rage Lite stuck on one tool with no toolbar

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    Question Art Rage Lite stuck on one tool with no toolbar

    I think i may have pressed a key or odd combination of keys near the alt-ctrl-fn-shift buttons that has sent my artrage lite into non-functionality. I believe i could reset the program and if not that, my computer and it will be fine, but i had been working on a piece for 3 hours be then without saving past the first 30 minutes.

    The program is working, but it is stuck on the transforming tool and the toolbar and all settings have vanished. it is letting me interact with the selected item, but none of my hotkeys work and no buttons seems to do anything, is there a button combo that will let me out this?

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    This is probably too late to help you, but 'escape' should cancel the Transform mode.

    It sounds like you may have hit Shift + T or clicked the transform tool, and gone into transform mode. You should have seen a menu for transforming pop up, but if that got cancelled/didn't show up, escape will also let you return to normal without applying any changes.

    If that isn't what happened and it is still up or it comes back, send us a screenshot at [email protected].

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