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    Is it possible... do multi-color brushstrokes in ArtRage! In Painter I acn paint with a color set or gradient, mixing several colors in a single stroke. Is this doable in ArtRage?

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    Probably not the way you want. You can do multi-coloured strokes the following ways:

    1. Literally use the gradient fill tool (use stencils or selections to choose the shape you want)

    2. Run the oil brush (or other wet media) through different colours. Turn 'autoclean' off to keep the new colours on the brush. Each stroke will mix through and pick up any colours you pass the brush through

    3. The Sticker Spray lets you create custom brushes with full colour images. These will not mix with other paint, but you can use them to create a multihued stroke (look through the presets for examples, if you find one you like the look of, we can tell you how to make something like it).

    4. Custom Brush (AR5 only); go to the Brush Designer > Color setting and then you can either have it pick up colour and run it through other colours to get a specific colour change effect or toggle the hue/saturation variation and get a randomised scatter of different colour dabs.

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