I successfully installed Fedora Design Suite 23 on an older Dell Duo Core computer. I do not have an internet connection to access the repositories to add additional available software yet find the installed operating system and software included with that are sufficient to use. What I am interested in is if the WINE Application is available for download through the repositories so you might get Art Rage to run on the Fedora Design Suite operating system? Works well with the AV Linux 2016 isotester version yet the live installation with that O/S includes Wine so no access to a repository is necessary to get the package application. My personal experience using a thumb drive live version of Fedora Design Suite 25 and 26 is that open source updates provide newer versions of software yet find my graphics tablets (an older Wacom Intuous 2, and a Huion 690) do not work on the 25 and 26 versions as opposed to the earlier 23 version where they worked perfectly well with accurate pressure sensitivity. After installing verison 25 of the Fedora Design Suite and finding out this problem I erased the partition and reinstalled the 23 older version that works well with my graphics tablets. Perhaps they no longer support these tablets, or some other problem?