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    This is inspired by the Anime series of the same name--a really creepy one at that.

    Ok let me explain this process. The head is a sculpted project sculpted in Blender 3d. I then did an initial study of the face in Medibang paint to get the points of the face right. Now I could have uv mapped this right into Blender but honestly Blender makes my head spin.

    So I took my head and moved her into a program called Blacksmith 3d and created a usable UV Map which I then converted to a .Png file and using the Medibang study as reference I imported those into Artrage and finished the textures and brought those back into blacksmith and then created yet ANOTHER (get it?) png file of the texture head and moved it back into Artrage and finished the painting.

    I'm not really good at this yet...sometimes its just better to just paint the picture, LOL!
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    Jayd I congratulate you on even trying to work with the 3D software, I tried it a few times but found it very time consuming and it just wasn't my area of real interest so I didn't want to spend the time
    to master it. I like this effort . on my monitor I can't tell where her hair is vs the background? love the coloration effect and subtle blue lighting on the side of her face. may we see more ?

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