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Thread: Huion tablet pen lag- please help.

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    Huion tablet pen lag- please help.

    Hi. I just recently got a Huion tablet and the wireless pen has stated to lag with delayed action which is affecting my drawing. Does anyone with a Huion tablet know how to fix this issue? Thanks.

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    I have a Huion on my PC, with no noticeable lag. Mine is a fairly powerful gaming rig with lots of ram and an i7 processor. Could some of your problem be inadequate processing power for the pen computations to keep up? I'm not a techie so that's about as far as I can go with suggestions. Also wanted you to know that someone read and responded.

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    I also have a similar setup to Kupuna, but I can suggest both charging the pen, and potentially replacing the tips. The tablet should come with some replacements.

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    Is that a tablet issue or computer? I use a Cintiq on Windows 10 and experience a lag when I'm working large and with tools that do lots of calculations. I wish I could help you. But I run into the problem occasionally myself so I generally work at the size at which that lag doesn't happen and just figure when I do something that lags I do short strokes or not use that tool. But if you're having problems with your pencil or pen or something with low resource demands, it's probably a deeper issue and you need to hear from the AR experts. Are you thinking it might be a driver issue? I vaguely recall some problems with curving lines being broken into a series of straight lines -- but that was way back in like version 1 or 2 of AR. It did get sorted out quickly though.

    Will be interesting to see comments if any. I am NOT an expert. Sorry.
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