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Thread: In the Search of the perfection BEST MACRO OIL PAINT.

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    Lightbulb In the Search of the perfection BEST MACRO OIL PAINT.

    This its maybe my post #4, but i am not new member my Join Date its Jun 2011, i read lot of posts this years, i made a long way in the search for a the best Program for painting realistic, i also try automatic painting programs and plugins, i can say i already try all, i have a long list of programs i used but maybe its arbitrary if i tell names here on the forum, the point its i never found nothing closed to Art Rage, i buy Art Rage 4, Art Rage Pro, Art Rage 5 because i mean this its the most realistic program to paint on High Quality. I really hate zoom in a good size painting (around 10000px 300dpi) and see fuzzy, blur or pixeleated on the paintings i made with other tools out of Art Rage.

    I know lot of people enjoy painting from 0, but i love paintin from photos, from real pictures to oil, but now with the years i want work fast and keep manual painting with my Cintiq only for retouch and save time, i know Art Rage doesnt have autopainting plugins, the only way i found to autopainting its work with macros, i already hope the admins or the experts on Art Rage macros can give me a hand and same way i can share the macros i made on the artrage forum.

    Next post i start with tests and questions, Thanks in adavance for the support any can give me.
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