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Thread: Finally had it...

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    So many applications are going "online connection necessary" only, i.e. after install (isn't what I decide to install mine?). It annoys me so much. I have a hankering for when the internet was about enjoyment, not the commercialisation that's rife today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catmandolin View Post
    Mac is getting ready to transition to OS 11--I just found out that if I want to do my taxes next year on my mac I will have to buy a new computer so Corel, for me left this MacShip a long time ago--and because computers aren't BIC lighters to just be tossed aside, I will probably switch over permanently to my ASUS which is why I am now looking at touch tables like Cintique or Huion.
    OS11 on the Mac will need new hardware? "Transition" is the watchword with MACs alright. I have 3 different operating systems on my one computer just so I can run SOME of the software I've bought. Also had to buy a PC. Money money money. . .

    Quote Originally Posted by Catmandolin View Post
    But back to Painter, I thought I needed painter a while back but it seems to me that you only need what you need. Artrage does a powerful and satisfying job of what i need for traditional feeling work and keeps my wife, who is allergic to the entire world, alive and I have other free packages which can fill the rest of my needs.
    That's hilarious about the wife and allergies. Definitely my reason for not painting in oils in the real world. Yeah, digital is not nearly so toxic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Catmandolin View Post
    I got hooked on Artrage when I saw a professional digital artist use it as part of a painting demo in one of those Digital Art Techniques books put out by 3d total (not Nick Harris) and after I saw the demo, well I was hooked.

    upgrades can be frustrating and can be overkill. take your pick.
    I agree about using what you need and learning what you need to use. There is SO MUCH available out there among all those programs. And even if I only owned Artrage I would still only need a small portion of what it's capable of. I learned that lesson with learning PhotoShop so many years back. When I first tried learning it I thought I had to learn from page one till the end of the manual and so I learned very little. Once I came to task learning, it all sort of made sense. The reality was that my needs created a natural curriculum. There's still a ton I don't need, but it's definitely cool. It can all get so daunting.

    All I want to with it or any program is to make it possible to do what I want to do. There has to be some kind of Peter Principle that says a program will keep trying to pull in diverse new markets until it loses it's original user base. But Painter was always like that from the inception.

    I enjoyed your post. :-)
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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