D Akey, up to now (touch wood) my eyesight is nearly back to where it was 15-20 years ago just needing glasses. The doctors wanted me to keep a diary of my food intake and termaric spice was high on the list of ingredients. The docs are amazed, its as if the bad cells at the back of the eyes have had a sudden injection of fertaliser. At first I was told it might not last but the latest xrays show a masive improvement. My lovely husband bought me a car for Christmas to celebrate. I had a great time in it for about two weeks before I was given the news I had Cancer! fortunately I had caught it early enough to be treatable so in April it was removed. I finished all treatments a few weeks ago and given the all clear I am now classed as a walking miracle.
I have done a lot of reading on all the superspices the last 12 months and Termaric is high on the list for oxygenate the blood. I told a few friends and they laughed but one gave it a try and managed to get it in pill form and she swears by it. Her athiritis has nearly gone and her cateracts have improved she cant praise it enough. Its the big 70 for me next year its as if I have been given a new lease of life. Lol!