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Thread: Can you make a living from selling prints?

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    Can you make a living from selling prints?

    Hi. As the title suggests, can you make a living from selling digital art prints of your work? I do art because I enjoy it, but it would also be good for it to become worth while financially one day if possible.

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    It's usually difficult to make an actual living, but it is possible to make money. The best places to start are to join a couple of print on demand sites and make your work available online, and to go to a local market/convention/event with a selection of locally printed art to sell directly. The latter will usually make you more money per sale (as the POD sites take a large cut) but will be more work and you may find fewer opportunities. The former lets you sell to a wider audience and experiment with different designs, but can require fairly active promotion.

    But they are both fairly easy ways to get started and experiment with selling your work.
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    Agreeing with HannahRage :P
    Being able to sell here and there is a big step by itself. Selling art is becoming "freelance"; not every artist knows "how to sale" (which is another talent all by itself!)
    I would advise to keep your job and try different approaches to sell (it can be time consuming) or maybe find an art agency who could help you with that.
    You'll know when the income will be "enough" and stable enough to quite your job

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    I sell some stuff (photos, digital illustrations & 3D renders) on Fine Art America and RedBubble. They are both free to sign up. Take a chance, you will never know until you try.

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    This is true. You will never sell one piece if you don't ever put it out there where potential buyers would see it's for sale.

    And of course there's lots of things to consider. How much are you going to promote it? Where will you promote what you do? How good is it? What's your price point? What market are you aiming at? Subject matter? Color schemes? Are you going to also sell your image as the artist so people can have the fun of interacting with the artist? And on and on. Compare what you do with what market categories are out there. Pick what you want to be known for, if you want to ever build a reputation. Are you just going to sell online or are you going to do galleries or weekend tent shows? Etc etc etc.

    You don't really need to do any of what I listed if you are painting just for fun. If you want to make a reasonable income from it, you better had think about this stuff.

    Good fortune to you!
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