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Thread: Problem with Guide Lines

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    Problem with Guide Lines

    I just picked up a Huion GT-191 and I have noticed that when I use the guide lines my cursor will snap down to the line when the pen gets close to it. It then runs with the line for a second and snaps back to the pen when the pen has moved away from the line again. This makes using the guides all but impossible. Is there a way I can fix this behavior?

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    Hello SamuraiWally and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Sounds like you may have inadvertently left 'Snap to Guides' turns on.
    In ArtRage, open the 'Layout Panel' by clicking the hash like icon in the toolbar at the top of your screen > 'Guides Tab', and un-check 'Snap To Guides'.
    Hopefully that will sort it.
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    Wow, now I feel dumb for not checking that. That fixed it. Thanks.

    (Oddly enough when I made a couple of test lines with my mouse it didn't seem to snap like the pen did.)

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