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Thread: update from3.5 pro to 5 more unstable

  1. update from3.5 pro to 5 more unstable

    I just today updated from 3 to 5 and I find out that 5 crashes a lot (lot) more than 3 ever did. Bummer I thought update meant improvement ! But apparently not.
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    Hello again uncle808us,
    So sorry to hear your having stability problems with your new ArtRage5.
    I can honestly say that since its launch I have found AR5 to be rock steady and reliable for me.

    I would suggest you contact AR support directly: [email protected]
    Im sure they can help get things running smoothly for you.
    Give them as much specific information as you can about your operating system, hardware, input method (tablet or mouse etc) what actions you were performing in AR and any system generated crash reports.
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    same here...I have been using Artrage for sometime on both Mac and PC and I don't think I have ever had a serious problem with crashes with Artrage. Markw makes good suggestions so "ditto". Oh 5 is running really smooth right now, no problems so far.

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    Yep, ArtRage 5 shouldn't be crashing and if it is, that may be something we can fix if we get enough information from you. Contact us at [email protected] as markw says and we'll troubleshoot.

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