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Thread: Printing.

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    I like to print directly from art rage rather than exporting the file as Png. Despite using 140px with printed size displayed big enough. Image still small. So used reset canvas size & saved , but still makes no difference. Thanks

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    Hello Zumerzet,
    Ah, it’s always tricky to give a definitive answer to this kind of question as there are so many possible variables not only within ArtRage but with any given printer too.
    So I’m going to confine these questions to within ArtRage;
    1: What is your desired printed size?
    2: What is your current canvas size in pixels. H x W ?
    3: What is your current canvas ppi set to? Your post seems to suggest that it is 140ppi, is that correct?
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    And what is your printer actually trying to do? Do you get a 'set up the document for printer' dialogue that lets you preview the final result and choose a 'fit to paper' option? (If you don't, try exporting the image and see if your operating system gives you more options - it's not controlled by ArtRage, but may not be showing up when you print from ArtRage).

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