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Thread: Painter 2018 - Thick Paint

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    Painter 2018 - Thick Paint

    I downloaded Painter 2018 to try its new thick paint feature.

    Although I had high hopes for it, it is no where near as good as ArtRage's oils.

    This is a huge flag though that the competition is actively working towards simulating thick paint.

    Kudos to ArtRage for being out front, and here's hoping with continuing improvements, real world media testing, consultations with real media artists, and hobbyist alike, that ArtRage's oil brush stays out front.


    ****Could someone correct the title of the thread - that should read "Thick Paint" not "Think Paint"... lol
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    oh sweet summer child, you still have the capacity for holding high hopes for corel releases.

    good for you.

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    I have ArtRage 5 and Painter 2017. Most of the time I use ArtRage. It's lighter and a much more enjoyable experience. I only use Painter 2017 when I want to give one of my photos a paintery look.

    Not sure if I'll be upgrading to Painter 2018 or not...

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