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Thread: Frequent Spammer on Forum?

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    Frequent Spammer on Forum?


    I noticed today 3 different users which one I checked was created in 2014, member name: ruhstorfermason. Has been continuously spamming on the forum in different sections. Here's the snapshot. http://

    Is there a way to stop them?

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    Normally spammy IPs are blacklisted from even signing up, it looks like a recent bunch have found a way around our screening software; it probably won't last long, but we're actively working on getting rid of them as quickly as possible.

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    A few spambot accounts where created years ago, just starting to become active now to link farm. It's seems like a lot of effort for spamming our forums (and they have also been doing it to many others).
    Please just report them. We monitor regularly and add them to a global spammers blacklist, if required. It's takes us a mere few minutes to clean up what took them years of planning.

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