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Thread: Brush tapping effect.

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    Brush tapping effect.

    Hi. I was wondering if there is an option available in Artrage that gives the effect of the paintbrush tapping on the canvass as opposed to regular strokes, the same technique used by Bob Ross and other artists? The stuff I've been working on has required that but I cant seem to do it. Can anyone please tell me how to get that effect on Artrage? I'm fairly new to the software so I'm still learning.
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    You may get the effect "some what" using some of the custom brushes; oil brushes but you won't get the effect of when the brush bristles wrap back on themselves like what Bob did with his fan brush or one/two inch brushes. I know the technique you are describing and how Bob used the brush to get that "pop" to happen between canvas and brush. I am not aware of any program that gets that special touch that he perfected and the resulting brush stroke he taught us to use.

    Hopefully this answers your questions!
    Robert Hopkins

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    Do you mean the 'dabbing' effect with the brush to paint leaves on trees? If so, the stipple method using the Oil Brush, might be what you are looking for. This is just an example I did in a couple of minutes. You can play with the thinner and loading sliders to get the effect you like. I find it works better using the mouse as the stylus sometimes 'drags' leaving a blotch of paint, unless you are careful and steady with your dabbing.

    Also Someonesane's sponge brushes are marvellous for spraying foliage.

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