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Thread: watercolor erasing everything

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    watercolor erasing everything

    Is there a way to make the watercolor brush behave like on a real paper...
    I set "paper wet = not checked" (so, paper dry, right?), and the watercolor brush just erases everything I drew with either chalk or ink pen. I mean, the watercolor brush stroke is like over it. I know I could put chalk or ink in a layer above the watercolor... but this would not be quite the effect I'm looking for... The bird pic is an excerpt of an old drawing (on paper) by me, the fine lines of nest and bird here are with china ink and color pencil. While painting with watercolor on top, some of it deluded and some of it just stayed... according to the pressure of the brush stroke. This seems not to be the case in ArtRage...
    Do I miss something?

    I will try to include 2 pics....
    ps in the screenshot I have the pressure on 100%, but I just tried, I get the same wiht low pressure. I have pressure sensitive tablets, too.
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    The Watercolor tool is very wet, so it's going to wash out other colours a lot, but it won't spread out around pencil/crayon the way it would on paper. The tools react more to the 'depth' than the 'waxiness' (so there's no 'this bit of colour is nonsticky so paint just washes off it' effect).

    If you want to get very visible pencil/whatever lines showing through watercolour washes, you'll probably need to use either layers or actual masking (stencils). Try these things:

    1. Put the watercolour layer behind the fine lines. You paint the lines first traditionally because you have to, but you don't need to stick to the same order digitally.
    2. Put the watercolours on a separate layer above, and then change the layer blend mode (probably to 'Watercolor', but you can experiment ). It will then let the colours below show through in a more realistic way (like layering dry strokes on the same layer).
    3. Draw your lines, then turn that layer into a stencil. Use the stencil to mask out the lines while you paint in the watercolour wash.
    4. On the same layer, toggle Insta-Dry on and then increase the Thinners a bit to get a more translucent stroke. If you want it to actually blend, but less strongly, experiment with the Thinners and Color Bleed (Color Bleed = how far the new colour bleeds into the existing colour).

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    For example, this is a pencil sketch (a real sketch scanned in ) over a background watercolour layer.

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    I created a stencil for the frog shape to mask it while I painted the background and then inverted it to paint the frog. The pencil lines just sit on a layer over the top, and I used various amounts of Thinner to get the different opacities.

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