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Thread: Layers disappear?

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    Layers disappear?


    Two students report layers are gone from their file when reopening the painting?
    Any idea what is happening? They are using 4 on Fujitsu and MB pro. I can send a screen shot.

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    Where they the very top layers? It's possible that they shut down ArtRage/the computer before the file had quite finished saving (it saves from bottom to top) and the last layer(s) got left off. If not, we'll need more details about the layers, the painting, and what might have happened last time the file was open/saved.

    I assume they've considered user error too, but the most likely cause of 'missing' layers from that direction would be either it's just hidden and they need to toggle it back on from the layers menu, or it was accidentally merged (ctrl + alt + down arrow is the shortcut for that, hard to press accidentally, but possible). I just have to suggest that

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