Hi, my name is Sue

I've only had Lite for a week, but already I have a question.

I paint landscapes in real oils on real canvas, but I'm also into digital cartography - the art of drawing fantasy maps (these are in high demand in the RPG industry, and for book illustrations etc). Just lately I've been using GIMP to do what I call 'painting in textures', where I use about 20 layers each of a different texture which I mask to produce a sort of painting that's a bit like a seamless collage. Here is the latest example of that technique if you are interested/curious.

I'd also like to paint some of my maps (which is why I bought ArtRage), and I was initially very pleased with my purchase.

However, in order to keep the paint texture I have to keep the canvas lighting on, and the lighting is uneven across the canvas.

Is there any way of adjusting the lighting so that I can keep the paint texture, but also have an even light across the surface of my map?

Any help much appreciated - thank you