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Thread: Apodemus - an introduction

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    Apodemus - an introduction


    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I couldn't find an 'Introduce yourself' subform. Moderator please move the thread if there is a better place for it?

    My real name is Sue, but that's quite a common name and easily confused with all those others (Hello all you other Sue people)

    I wanted to have the same avatar name over here as I already have over at Cartographer's Guild (this is me over there), but it was already taken, so instead of being even more confusing and calling myself Mouse001, I decided to opt for the Latin name for a wood or field mouse; 'Apodemus'.

    I write, paint and draw maps of fantasy worlds, and have recently purchased ArtRage Lite, which I am currently using to paint little symbols for my maps.

    And that's about all there is... for now
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