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Thread: " Selection prevents painting " oh oh now what

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    " Selection prevents painting " oh oh now what

    Dunno what I've done but was messing around with the toolbar thing and now when I try to do anything on the painting it pops up and says " Selection prevents painting " and I can't do anything.

    I've gone into the Layers tool to make sure the layers weren't locked and they are not.

    What have I done and how do I undo it?


    I discovered I had added stickers of a couple of gulls and I found out I had to flatten them to paint!!
    Once I did that it let me resume smearing stuff on the paper.

    But, I have a new question. It seems to me that in the distant past I knew a shortcut in the layers panel that would make only the current layer visible but I can't remember what it was.

    Is there still such a shortcut?

    Sometimes I just want to one layer and now I have to go to each one and make it disappear.
    I know when it is yellow the focus is on that layer and the paint only applies to that layer, but I want it so that layer is all I see.

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    With the 'selection' thing, just press 'CTRL +D' to clear any active selections. You may simply have clicked on a tiny pixel somewhere. It basically means you're using a tool that can't do anything, not that the layer is locked.

    The sticker flattening thing is because you would have added them as special sticker layers. Change layers in the layers menu and you should still be able to paint, you only need to flatten the stickers if you want to paint on *them*/have them on the same layer.

    The 'show/hide all other layers' shortcut is ALT (/option on macOS). Hold it, click on the eye symbol for your preferred layer, and it will toggle all the others.

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