When I move the outline cursor it blinks, like it's flashing rapidly. This happens with a normal mouse, Wacom Grip Pen and Wacom Art Pen. It doesn't happen though when I've clicked or pressed down and paint is being applied. I can move it as fast as I like with no blink then. I've toggled all the settings in Preferences relating to Input Devices to no avail.

Is there a way to fix this? It's really headache inducing. I'd like to use the outline cursor so I can preview pen rotation and the general size of the brush.

Win 10 Home (Creators Update)
Intuos Pro L (Grip Pen, Art Pen)
Wacom Drivers tested: 6.3.21-10 / 6.3.22-6
i7 6700 CPU
Intel HD Graphics 530 iGPU
16GB RAM 2133MHz