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Thread: Outline Cursor Blinks When Moving

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    Any update to this? ArtRage is still unusable since I first made this thread.

    I captured a video of the issue (blinking cursor) at 120fps, but I can't post links here so I'm unable to show it.

    If I change cursor type to crosshairs [1], when the pen is moving the cursor becomes invisible. When changing to the brush icon cursor [3] it's smooth in motion (no blinking) but the edges get cropped off in the direction it's moving.

    Edit: Also to add again, when the mouse (or pen) button is pressed down to apply paint and the cursor is moved (at any speed) there is no blinking, it's smooth.
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    We're looking in to this currently. If you contact us directly ([email protected]) we can take a look at the link and it may help us as we try to work out what's going on. Sorry I'm not able to offer a solution yet!

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    Thanks Matt. I sent an email with a link to the video. Thanks for looking into it.

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    Lightbulb Got a POSSIBLE fix.

    This is just what worked *FOR ME* in CSP, but it may be helpful for if anyone finds this thread in the future, as i have when i googled it and it was the first result.

    Inside CSP, go to FILE(at the top left), go down the options and select PREFERENCES(Ctrl+K). A little page will open, click on TABLET on the side options and change the first option from WINTAB to TABLET PC. You'll then have to setup your pressure on your own, as this disables it.

    If that doesn't work for you, you may try the 101% text scaling method but i doubt that'll do it. Here's hoping they implement a proper fix, it's been years. :P

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