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    Feature suggestion

    Something I find very useful in Photoshop is being able to not just create a new layer with the press of a function key, but creating new layers of certain blending modes. For example: I created actions so F1 creates a regular layer, F2 creates a new multiply layer, F3 creates a new screen layer, etc. I create new shading layers constantly and I have F1 assigned to create layer, but then having to manually select the blend mode every single time slows the flow down significantly. If there's a way to do this already within the program, I'd love to know!
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    There aren't any shortcuts for this but thanks for the suggestion! (I'm also moving this to the Suggestions section so we can find it later if needed )

    Possible workarounds for this are:

    - creating layers with the desired blend mode(s) and then duplicating as needed (as they will then duplicate the blend mode as well)
    - creating a script to add a new layer with a specific blend mode (slightly advanced and not necessarily much quicker! But entirely possible).

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