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Sorry DarkOwnt but I’m not sure what you mean there
Transform All Layers effects all content/layers making up the picture.
Could you expand a bit perhaps about what’s not working as you expected?

In the meantime, one more thing…
I would also say, that if you want a slightly quicker way to flip your painting, and if your tablet preferences will let you, you could set one tablet key to send AR all the commands at once, necessary to flip the whole painting.
On my Intuos4 tablet I have set an onscreen key that will send the following 3 commands to ArtRage; Shift+cmd+A (Transform All Layers…), H (Flip horizontal), Enter (confirm Flip Horizontal command)

Note; By default AR dose not have a shortcut set for ‘Transform All Layers…’ so you will need to set one in AR’s ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ preferences first.
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If I start a composition with only a third completed, say on the left hand side, and I want to do a horizontal flip (left<->right) the result is what I've done so far stays in the first third i.e. on the left hand side. I want the entire composition to maintain its ratios and positions with respect to the entire dimension of the canvas ... so that when I flip it mirrors and ends up on the right hand side. So I guess I need to lay down paint to trick AR into thinking the whole canvas is being used.. prior to flipping?