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Thread: [ solved ] color palette and custom Ui Question

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    [ solved ] color palette and custom Ui Question

    i've seen the custom workspace (Ui) for artrage 5 here:

    now, i tried 30 mins to arrange the same style for my windows copy, but i fail.
    how is it possible to have the same suite?

    here is my color picker:

    how is it possible to change the look into this:

    Name:  neu-1.PNG
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    another question:

    snap windows automatically together?

    so far..
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    Hello Inc and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    It should all work via Drag & Drop.
    To start with, if nothing is docked then the first panel you drop has to go onto one of the Drop icons, Left or Right of screen but after that just letting go of any panel in the dark grey area will work.
    To release a panel so that you can drag it you need to click on the release icon, a square with an arrow, Top Right corner of a panel.
    Here is a short rough video of me doing it. Sorry no time right now to spit & polish the video!
    Hope it helps.
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    thanks for the welcome...

    well thank you. it is not cleared enough to realize that i must drop each flyout exactly on that shown icon that come in when i grab the single window. thanks a lot. now it's working and snap to the correct position. makes work easier

    i'll soon post my image in a showroom here.


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