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Thread: ArtRAge 5--BRUSH technical issues----Please help

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    markw, I just tried to resave set to test, no I do not get a choice in CS6 photoshop to save higher or lower photoshop. It's just a save or close option.

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    markw I also did what you had asked, which was to see if ArtRage 5 would import your bat brushes-------Yes it did. Still so confused about my brushes.

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    Hello camaro
    I did a quick internet search and looks like you should be able to find out how to make your brushes backwards compatible.
    Search Link:

    It might be worth also noting that the brushes from Aaron Blais that load are I think designated as ps7 abr formate brushes.
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    We've been working through this in email - The ABR file is in a newer format that Adobe don't publish publicly so we're unable to support it directly. The converters in the search you mention would probably help with that.

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