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Thread: very new, need help

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    very new, need help

    i'm no pro and am just getting started in this. here is my question:
    i have an inspiron 7000 and am looking for a good stylus that will work on it and with artrage. i'd like a fine point with the pressure sensitivity(or so it seems by what i have read) but other than that i'm not sure what i might need. any and all help is appreciated.

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    Artrage supports a range of stylus input devices, so it can mostly comes down to your own personal taste.

    If you wish to match your Dell, perhaps consider a "Dell Active Stylus Pen". They tend to be a small and conformable design.

    "Lenovo Active Pen" is another option which should work well, with added palm rejection.

    It depends on which model of the Dell Inspiron 7000 you have, for example, only the FHD 7568 is compatible with wacom aes stylus...

    The "Wacom Bamboo Fineline 2" is an entry level stylus suitable for general use and casual drawing, with lower sensitivity, low lag and a single button.

    The "Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2" is a more serious stylus for artists, features a full range of pressure levels and two programmable buttons, and better ergonomic design for comfort with long term use.

    ps: If updating your Windows/Drivers, ensure you use the official Dell Support website, as Dell has it's own drivers. If using a "Dell Active Stylus Pen", check it's compatibility list first to see if that model supports the Inspiron 7000.

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    If you're still looking into this, a bit more info:

    Styluses are tricky, as the most important thing is whether they even work with your device (I think the Dell is only for specific models and the Wacom styluses are for the iPad). If there is no stylus that *specifically* says it's compatible with your operating system and hardware, then it will just be a non-pressure sensitive stylus. ArtRage will support anything the operating system supports on Windows, it's just data being passed to the program at that point (iPads need support specifically added for any third party stylus, so are much more complicated).

    Windows computers can *always* run a graphics tablet, which is usually the best quality option for pressure sensitivity drawing. *Some* touchscreen devices will support pressure sensitive styluses, but only if the hardware has support added, so that's something you need to look at before anything else - you might find it easiest to just try contacting the manufacturer.

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