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Thread: pencil lines in Art rage

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    pencil lines in Art rage

    can anybody let me know, why the lines in drawing figures are not smooth but jaggered???

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    Try enabling "Precise Tablet" on "Input Devices" at the preferences panel. I guess that should do it.

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    Look also in the "Layout panel" to see if "snap to grid" is enable......
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    ArtRage can react to textured canvas, much like how it would if you naturally drew on a piece of paper, etc. There's a "Roughness" factor for that.

    Try using the Pencil in ‘Precise Mode’ and adjust the 'Smoothing' accordingly:

    Example of canvas roughness effects on the pencil:

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    It could also be he means the edges of the lines are jagged & stepped when zoomed in? Which will be to do with Antialiasing or not maybe…?
    Without a better description and/or a screenshot of what’s happening I think we are all just shooting blind here.
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    Everyone's pretty much covered it; it could be several things, but we need a bit more detail to tell you which!

    I'll just resummarise in case all the different answers just left you confused

    Jagged edges to the line itself:
    Canvas texture. This can make the pencil stroke *look* jagged/broken, but it's just the texture effect. Change the canvas or the pencil properties to adjust this.

    Pixelisation. If you're seeing actual square pixels along the edge of the stroke, you are probably working on a very small canvas/zoomed in very close (this is like using a magnifying glass on a tiny piece of paper... it's never going to work!). Just increase the canvas size and possibly the tool size.

    And/or you're working with the Ink Pen and Antialiasing is unticked in the Settings (this lets you draw with 'pure' pixels without any edge smoothing on the lines).

    Erratic line drawing
    If the actual line is jagged, not just the edges of the line, then something is messing with your stylus stroke. This might be a tablet driver conflict, or you might just have left Snap To Grid on. If you're not sure which, try drawing on a new canvas instead and see if it carries over, and if you're still stuck, we would need to know what hardware you are using, what operating system, and which edition of ArtRage.

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