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Thread: The side buttons on my stylus for the Intuos Draw do not work anymore

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    Exclamation The side buttons on my stylus for the Intuos Draw do not work anymore

    They still function but they don't do what they did before.

    I don't know how, but I must have changed them. Before, the lower button would allow me to scroll in and out. The upper button would allow me to move around, functioning like the right mouse click. However now both of them just put this white circle around my cursor, which isn't representative of my Tool Size %, and just lets me move around like the right mouse button.

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    ArtRage doesn't have any specific functionality for these buttons so it's likely that they were set up to pass key commands in your tablet driver (that's the only way they can be hooked up to functions in ArtRage). If you check the settings for your tablet (not the ones in ArtRage, the ones that control the tablet itself in the operating system) you may be able to set it up there.

    It sounds, from the white circle description, as if you may be using Windows and the system is sending Windows Ink data. If you're using a Wacom tablet you can turn off 'Use Windows Ink' in the Mapping tab of the Wacom control panel in the OS settings panel, and that should switch to passing Wintab data which may solve that problem. If you have any further problems please let us know at [email protected] and we can do some troubleshooting for you!

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