If you are having problems with a normal recorded script that is crashing or behaving strangely, check the Script Troubleshooting page and then email us the script directly at [email protected] as we almost always need to study the script to see what the problem is. You can also post in the forum if you wish, but we usually can only tell you to email us the script.

It will help a lot if you are able to create a very short demo script instead of sending us a very large painting, or at least tell us when the problem occurs during the script (so we aren't sitting there for half an hour and then miss the problem at 71% of the way through). If you are able to provide examples of what should have happened, or tell us what specific tool or action you took, that would also be very helpful (finding the exact point it went wrong, and how, is often the hardest part!).

Please compress scripts before sending them. Sometimes New Zealand internet is very slow and script files can get very large if it contains hours of painting.

Crashes when playing back scripts are usually due to something in the software, rather than the script, which means that if we can track the problem down and fix it, your script will probably play back without problems after that. Script related bug fixes are rolled out on an ongoing basis in updates.