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Thread: Swedish letters chance position efter saving (,, )

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    Swedish letters chance position efter saving (,, )

    Attachment 93044 Everytime i try to save my text it's a mess.It works to export the text,but when I save it all the Swedish letters chance position . Really irritated. Is there something I can do about it?
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    This doesn't seem to be happening here, so either it's a very specific bug related to something you are doing or the characters you are using or how much text you're adding, or it's to do with font or alignment and depends on your settings.

    Can you email us an example PTG file with text in (so we can see all your settings and options) and an example section of text before it changes (e.g. in a document or email) so we know we're working with the same thing?

    Send it to [email protected].

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