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Thread: cheap paint program...

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    cheap paint program...

    MS paint...just have a look...
    Just say: "Rage It", because we already know it's art.

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    Lenny, Lenny, Lenny. . .

    hahaha. I just had a diabolical thought. . .

    If I were doing it I would take the original, mess with it a bit to scuff the surface. Make that my starting point. From that fabulous finish, I would deconstruct the pic, painting over everything in roughly the corresponding paint in the corresponding places, simplifying as I went all the way back to a white canvas.

    And when all was taken to a white canvas, I would reverse the video footage and put music playing forward normally over it, and you have a David Copperfield illusion going of being able to paint like Leonardo.

    That's if I were doing it the easy way.

    Course, if this were the Italian Renaissance, I would get some really hot shot artist guys in my studio to do the work and then just sign my name to it. . .

    . . . if it were the Italian Renaissance that is, the Flemmish, the Spanish, English, The Professor and Mary Ann, etc. . .

    But there probably are folks out there who can do it. I've seen some pretty amazing artists.

    Thank you , Mr. Hanzz!

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    That's just awesome!
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