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Thread: Custom Brush Color Shifting? ... No

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    Custom Brush Color Shifting? ... No

    If you have a better title for this thread please say it here, haha.

    I've noticed that, with some types of canvases, the color gets a little bit duller when using a custom brush, compared to using the oil brush. I thought that was a bug, but it seems it is only the way AR works. With the custom brush you only get color information, without bump, so all the canvas texture gets in front of the color. But with the oil brush you also get bump information, making the thickness of the paint lay on top of the canvas texture as it builds. From distance this makes it looks like as if the oil brush has a more intense color.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    These images show it a little better.

    Just wanted to share this. Maybe someone was noticing the same stuff and thought it was a bug. Also I think this is good to know because maybe it could be better to turn the canvas texture off when working with custom brushes. Depends on your work...


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    Ah yeah, the canvas shadows show up better on thinner mediums. You can actually turn 'Grain Amount' down separately in the settings for the custom brush without disabling the canvas texture entirely

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    With the square canvas 2 custom brush, I always paint and select colors with the canvas turned off (F5) then when the painting is done I tweak my painting with the canvas turned on, setting the canvas settings to enhance the painting. That's the way I am doing it now and I am happy with my results lately.

    Thanks for the comparisons of the oil and custom brush images! That helps.
    Robert Hopkins

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